Peer to peer mattress review

Everyone claims to have the best quality mattress, the best pricing, and the best financing and deals you’ll ever see. Here are opinions from your peers who are unpaid and not employees, or constituents of a company. There are many other competitive products in the market but we just selected and this is what they said.

  • Amerisleep: Revere
    Memory foam mattress is not as firm as some of the competitive products in the market, but its thickness makes up the difference in its ability to provide a “comfortable, but stable cushioning”. At 12” in depth, finding sheets to fit this mattress will not be an issue, which is a common woe of finding thick, memory foam mattresses.


  • Bear Mattress
    Innovative gel memory foam earns it a spot on yet another list of high quality mattresses. This mattress hits every key point: cooling, memory foam, 10-year warranty, AND it gives back to charity? Mattress regarded as good for athletes, those with back problems or have recently undergone surgery.


  • Tempurpedic Tempur-Contour Supreme Mattress
    Tempurpedic has been a household name in the luxury mattress industry for years, and has always been consistent in their product quality.  The Tempur-Contour Supreme Mattress is a little steeper in price but has a trusted brand name and mattress quality.


  • Nest Bedding: Alexander Signature Hybrid
    The Alexander Signature Hybrid offers a unique blend of coils and memory foam to give consumers the opportunity to choose the level of firmness in their mattress. Whether you prefer soft and squishy or firm and sturdy, the Alexander Signature Hybrid offers a mattress that best fits your needs.



  • Leesa: The Leesa Mattress
    With three layers of cooling memory foam and the ability to be placed on any bed frame surface, the Leesa is a mattress that is flexible and easy to fit into a preexisting setting. Being one of the more affordable products on the list Leesa mattress owners say that the mattress has alleviated them of back pains, was easy to set up.


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